Newtown Pool League

Finals Day 2017


Buck A – Premier League Champions                                   Full Montys  –  Premier League Runners-Up

Lion Cubs  –  Division Two Champions                      Division Two Runners Up – Monty Panesars (Not pictured)

Monty Rejects   –   Division Three Champions                       Cock Hotel B   –  Division Three Runners-Up

Football Nomads   –   League Cup Champions                              Buck Caersws  –  League Cup Runners-Up

  Buck B  –  Consolation Cup Champions                                  Lion Cubs  –  Consolation Cup Runners-Up

Buck B   –   Gordon Price Handicap Cup Champions                 Jockey A  –  Gordon Price Handicap Cup Runners-Up

Jockey A   –  Premier League KO Cup Champions                   Lion A  –  Premier League KO Cup Runners-Up

Lion Cubs   –  Division Two KO Cup Champions                       Flying Shuttle   –  Division Two KO Cup Runners-Up
Cock Hotel B   –  Division Three KO Cup Champions              Monty Rejects  –  Division Three KO Cup Runners-Up

Carl Guntrip, Mike Williams, Glyn Davies – Threesomes Winners   Alan Price, Matt Davies, Steve Davies – Threesomes R/Up

Andrew Coppin, Bob Pritchard – Doubles Champions                      Tim Owen, Dale Jarman  –  Doubles Runners-Up

Barry Bellis, Tracey Fletcher  –  Mixed Doubles Champions     Dave and Zara Powell  –  Mixed Doubles Runners-Up

Julie Breakwell  –  Ladies Singles Champion                                       Zara Powell  –  Ladies Singles Runner-Up

Drew Hughes (Lion A)  –  Singles Champion                          Steve Davies (Jockey A)  –  Singles Runner-Up

Richard Evans (Lion A) Premier League Player of the Year                   Ed Lewis (Nomads) Player of Year Runner-Up

Stafford Jones (Flying Shuttle) – Division Two Player of the Year     Mark Woosnam (Lion Cubs) – Player of Year Runner Up

Neil Mitchell (Nells Bells)  –  Division Three Player of the Year  Tom Griffiths (Monty Rejects) Division Three Player of Year R/Up

Carl Clark (Herbert) – Premier League Singles KO Winner     Steve Sherlock (Jockey A) – Premier League Singles R/Up

Stafford Jones (Flying Shuttle) – Division Two Singles KO Winner           Nigel Roberts (Dolau) – Division 2 Singles KO R/Up

Neil Mitchell (Nells Bells) – Division Three Singles KO Winner           Gareth Bowen (Angel) – Division 3 Singles KO R/Up

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