Newtown Pool League

Finals Day 2019

Photographs courtesy of Richard Evans

Premiership League Champions – Full Montys
Premiership League Runners-up – Jockey A
Division Two League Champions – Monty Young Guns
Division Two League Runners-up – The Herbs
Division Three League Champions – Upper House
Division Three Runners-up – Desert Rats
Premier League Player of the Year – Ed Lewis (Llanbadarn)
Premier Division Player of the Year Runner-up – Drew Hughes (Buck A)
Division Two Player of the Year – Wayne Crump (Queens Head A)
Division Two Player of the Year Runner-up – Carl Hanson (Monty Young Guns)
Division Three Player of the Year – Rhyd Jones (Desert Rats)
Division Three Player of the Year Runner-up – Joe Legge (Sporty Bees)
Premier League Singles KO Champion – Ed Lewis (Llanbadarn)
Division Two Singles KO Champion – Ian Coppin (Buck B)
Division Three Singles KO Champion – Steve Jones (Sportsman A)
League Cup Champions – Jockey A
League Cup Runners-up – Full Montys
Consolation Cup Champions – Lion A
Gordon Price Handicap Cup Champions – Monty Young Guns
Gordon Price Handicap Cup Runners-up – Full Montys
Premier Divisional KO Cup Champions – Lion A
Premier Divisional KO Cup Runners-up – Jockey A
Division Two KO Cup Champions – Cefn Coch A
Division Two KO Cup Runners-up – Buck B
Division Three KO Cup Champions – Sporty Bees
Division Three KO Cup Runners-up – Sportsman A
Bob Pritchard Youth League Champion Aron James (left) and Runner up Bob Rogers (right)
Bob Pritchard Youth Consolation Cup Champion Jake Ottaway (right) and runner-up Sam Woosnam (left)
Mixed Doubles Champions – Laura Jones and Drew Hughes (Buck)
Ladies Singles Runner-up – Linda Andrew (Buck)
Threesomes Champions – Carl Guntrip, Mike Williams, Glyn Davies (Full Montys)
Threesomes Runners-up – Matt Rawsthorne, Carl Williams, Barry Bellis (Monty Tyres)
Doubles Champions (Carl Pryce and Owen Durbridge (Nomads)
Doubles Runners-up – Carl Guntrip and Dave Morgan (Full Montys)
Newtown Pool League Singles Champion 2019 – Cole Bedford (Buck A)
Newtown Pool League Singles Runner-up 2019 – Carl Guntrip (Full Montys)

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